Trail Condition Update

Trails Closed

Current Conditions -
As of 1/14/18 trails are open, however conditions are poor.
Use extreme caution and watch for water holes,
slush, and frozen areas
There is not enough snow to groom trails.
Please stay off trails until we have enough snow to avoid
damaging our landowner's property!

Conditions can change quickly.  For more updated
conditions, trail reports and news, monitor us on

Please always respect land owners and stay on the trails.  Do
not ride in areas where conditions do not permit or we will
lose use of
their land!  

If you see someone disrespecting land, please confront them
or report it to a club officer.

Please note trail changes this and every
year and always follow trail signs.

Only ride where trail is clearly marked.
Remember - riding off trail is trespassing!

Wheeled vehicles are never permitted on snowmobile trails except
with the permission of the land owner

Please stay on all trails and respect the land owners otherwise we will
lose use of the trails