Welcome to the Finger Lakes Trail Runners website!! We invite you to become a member of our growing snowmobile
club.  You can be an
Active member or an Inactive member; but either way, we need your support.  Support is necessary for
the upkeep of the trails we
ALL ride on.  We leave it up to you to decide whether you would like to come to the meetings
and help with the trails or just to ride on them.  With the climbing costs of insurance, trail signs, bridges, groomer costs, fuel
and oil, and other expenses, your membership could go a long way - please join and help us to make things even better.
Feel free to print out a membership application here or attend one of our meetings at the  Moravia VFW at 7:30 p.m. on the
first Tuesday of every month.   
MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION If you have any questions, pleaseE-Mail us.
Thank You to all our wonderful LAND OWNERS. The FLTR trail system expands over 55
miles. In this 55 miles we have 70 different land owners. Without them YOU would not have
anywhere to ride.
Please respect their land. If we lose even ONE of these great people and
there families it will effect all of us. Show them respect for their land. Don't ride during
regular deer season and don't ride with just a few inches of snow. And if you see someone
disrespecting someone's land let them know about it and pass on this message.
Where would snowmobilers be without clubs?
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Snowmobile Rights and
Responsibilites Act
NYS  Snowmobile Trails and Interactive Maps - iPhone and Android Versions Avaiable
P.O. Box 177,
Moravia NY, 13118
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Monthly Meetings are usually on the
second Tuesday of every Month at 7:00.
Next Meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 8th
at t
he Colonial Lodge at 7:00.
Snacks & 50/50 raffle.  Bring a friend!

NYS Snowmobile Registration now online
We'd like to thank Drifters on Owasco
for donating great snacks at the
December meeting
2017 - 2018 Memberships are due.  
Join or pay dues online and print your
Membership Voucher here or find
and print the
Membership Forms here.
For full instructions, click
Trails are now closed and
open after deer season.
New paper maps will not be
issued by the state this year.